Mr. Zesty Is My Fluffer

Mr. Zesty Is My Fluffer: Is It Getting Hot In Here?

Mr. Zesty makes me want to eat lick salad dressing off his body!

It’s about fricking time!!

The slap of that dough – I like that! #slapme


Oops! Let’s get Zesty.

…except I keep watching it.

Do I care if some “moms” might get offended?

No – Obviously, they wouldn’t be my target audience.

I’m sure there is a “wholesome” boring Paula Dean-loving site out there somewhere where the “moms” can lick sticks of butter –


#disgusting #notsexy #gross #notevenaslumpbuster

You go ahead, and save me Mr. Zesty.

I do have to ask those “One Million Moms” this question though:
How did you become a mom??? 

…hmmm…just saying…

I can’t even imagine how boring and unexciting those moments of conception were. And I feel bad for them…let me repeat those hashtags above –

#disgusting #notsexy #gross #notevenaslumpbuster

Fit is sexy – Food is sexy – Put them together – It’s our turn-on, Ladies. 🙂

Let me straighten that blanket for you.
Let me straighten that blanket for you.

I’ve been working on one of my websites, The Fit Kitchen, and stumbled on Mr. Zesty. I do recall seeing him last summer, and I forgot about him???????


Um, yeah, but he and I have been reunited – THANK YOU – and I can rechannel all of my sexual tension from this fine specimen to Captain Amazing, who’ll bring it home! #yowza

Yeah, it’s mild tame girl porn – but who cares?? It gets the job done. Mr. Zesty is my fluffer.

I want to get sweaty –

Some other sexy food I stumbled upon while sexying up –

real food is sexy

I’m equal opportunity – sexy is sexy – it just is. …I would lick that juicy strawberry up and down – and it would love it just as much as I would…

(Ok – I haven’t seen CA in 2 whole days)

Sex is primal and so is food. We need both to survive as a species.

My theme is being “fit” in the kitchen but also KISS – I love making out (and many other things) in the kitchen, but we also have to Keep It Super Simple.


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