Buffet of Bliss

A-Z Blog Challenge, Day 2

Letter B

I emailed Captain Amazing March 31st to check in.

Subject: “question, comments – no rush.”

I thanked him for taking Youngest and me to a lovely backyard get-together where we met some of his close friends whom we had not met. I informed him that I did not sleep well, although I didn’t disclose the details of the panic attack that woke me up in the night.

He also loaned Youngest a few books, and since he had gone out of his way to perform such a generous act, I wanted to thank him and let him know which book she started to read first.

I then added:

“Oh, this part may be a rush – I decided I didn’t sleep well because I have been orgasmless for too long. Kids leave tomorrow, so I’ll be taking care of myself – If you’d like to join, that would be awesome.

Have a great day!”

I hit send – and received a reply rather quickly:

“I definitely want to join!”

🙂 Awesome!

So last night, April 1st, was the night to rid myself of the orgasmic drought. We sat on the patio, drinking whiskey and talking about anything, everything, and nothing – Those are the things that matter, after all. 

We chatted about the blog as well. He gave me his request for posts for each letter in the A-Z Blog Challenge. 

There is a theme – The original post title for B was going to be “bondage,” but ultimately, that wasn’t the game we played. 

Then he asked me, “What would you like to have done to you tonight?” 

That’s like asking me what I’d like to eat in an all-you-can-eat buffet!

Where do I start?? I want to taste and try everything! 

So I made my request – which was vague – I simply wanted a fun orgasm and just let go and play.

Just get me to my destination, and I’ll enjoy the ride! 

He suggested we select a video: “You pick the DVD, and we will do whatever the second scene is.” 

🙂 Fun game! Challenge accepted!

I picked “The Best Of Nina Hartley” because I know who she is, ironically not from her film career specifically, but her educational website.

We brought our drinks in…got comfy… and he applied one of the new toys, which we are both very fond of…It’s definitely high on my list. 

There’s a lot of power in that package!

I was so preoccupied by the attention that was being paid to me that I wasn’t really watching the video. 

“Oh wait, is that the second scene,” I asked.

He said, “Sure, yeah, OK.” 

So we added that into the personal scene we were creating, and it really was a buffet – And it was bliss

GAWD, I needed that – WHEW!

This morning, I woke up early, fetched coffee, and did some of my computer work.

I love the mornings. It’s quiet. I’m less distracted.

I heard his alarm chime, and I prepared his coffee and brought it in. I set his coffee down and gave him a back rub — awwwww — and we lay on the bed next to each other, talking about anything, everything, and nothing – which is all the important stuff.

We reminisced about Saturday morning cartoons, Star Wars, superhero movies, and old TV shows we used to watch. Something stirred in him at the mention of Gilligan’s Island…

“Mmmmm, Maryann,” he purred.

Then he said, “But who was the blonde actress who I thought was so hot?” He asked me this as if I had been there watching it with him way back in the day. 

…and ironically, I actually knew the answer through some divine intervention…

“Heather Locklear,” I said.

“YES!” he exclaimed. “Heather Locklear. If we are out and see her, I apologize, but I have to talk to her.”

“Of course you do!” I said.

He got lost in the thought…“Maybe we could get a threesome,” he said. I giggled. 

Really, if I see Chris Evans out, I’m talking to him…I have a long list of men I’ll talk to. 

I would expect that Captain Amazing and I would high-five each other for making such a bold move. You only live once. 

He insisted that I take the new toy home with me, since I don’t have the kids this weekend.

“OK, but I’ll definitely need the charger,” I said. 

I packed up the little white bag of weekend fun for me, and he got ready for work.

We walked out to our cars, and he gave me the BEST hug –

I didn’t want to let go.

I thought, “I’m pretty dang lucky! He’s amazing.”




Mr. Zesty Is My Fluffer

Mr. Zesty Is My Fluffer: Is It Getting Hot In Here?

Mr. Zesty makes me want to eat lick salad dressing off his body!

It’s about fricking time!!

The slap of that dough – I like that! #slapme


Oops! Let’s get Zesty.

…except I keep watching it.

Do I care if some “moms” might get offended?

No – Obviously, they wouldn’t be my target audience.

I’m sure there is a “wholesome” boring Paula Dean-loving site out there somewhere where the “moms” can lick sticks of butter –


#disgusting #notsexy #gross #notevenaslumpbuster

You go ahead, and save me Mr. Zesty.

I do have to ask those “One Million Moms” this question though:
How did you become a mom??? 

…hmmm…just saying…

I can’t even imagine how boring and unexciting those moments of conception were. And I feel bad for them…let me repeat those hashtags above –

#disgusting #notsexy #gross #notevenaslumpbuster

Fit is sexy – Food is sexy – Put them together – It’s our turn-on, Ladies. 🙂

Let me straighten that blanket for you.
Let me straighten that blanket for you.

I’ve been working on one of my websites, The Fit Kitchen, and stumbled on Mr. Zesty. I do recall seeing him last summer, and I forgot about him???????


Um, yeah, but he and I have been reunited – THANK YOU – and I can rechannel all of my sexual tension from this fine specimen to Captain Amazing, who’ll bring it home! #yowza

Yeah, it’s mild tame girl porn – but who cares?? It gets the job done. Mr. Zesty is my fluffer.

I want to get sweaty –

Some other sexy food I stumbled upon while sexying up thefitkitchen.net –

real food is sexy

I’m equal opportunity – sexy is sexy – it just is. …I would lick that juicy strawberry up and down – and it would love it just as much as I would…

(Ok – I haven’t seen CA in 2 whole days)

Sex is primal and so is food. We need both to survive as a species.

My theme is being “fit” in the kitchen but also KISS – I love making out (and many other things) in the kitchen, but we also have to Keep It Super Simple.