Being a Goddess has certain perks, one being that I am a “miracle worker.” Those are very powerful words. I didn’t say them. I’m just reporting the facts, as passed to me by one of my clients.

I am a self-help guru – helping myself and others. I have reinvented myself probably 1000 times – I like to exaggerate with numbers.

My self-help book “Take 1 Step” is on its way to being a No. 1 best seller.

I am fitness nut, single mom, and Super Hero. I aspire to walk around as Mystique but also be Black Widow on a daily basis.

I support my clients through a unique style of outside the box thinking, well-timed bitch slaps, and paying attention to the physical side of what’s going on – and how it connects to the emotional/spiritual side of what’s going on.

Demonic possession is painful. Being a Zombie is worse. It’s like World War Z, only more subtle and less ravenous.

I’m on a mission to end the Zombie Apocalypse (status quo) that has taken over the world. How?

– DREAM BIGGER. We really can be anyone and do anything!

My journey into self-helpery began when I started speaking up – and people listened.

I am a Goddess, and no one can disprove that statement; therefore, it is true.

And the Earth is round, not flat. Just saying…

Everyone should use a jackhammer!



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