Super Hero Goddess Super Powers

It’s true that I am a Super Hero, but I wasn’t always. My journey to Goddessness began with my own spiritual boot camp – like Navy SEAL training for life – where I was a meager but eager Super Hero In Training (that’s when swearing helps!).

I persevered through the hard times, continued learning and growing. Of course, I ended up face down in the mud sometimes – that’s what boot camp is for and why I was a Super Hero In Training. Anytime I would consider giving up on myself, I dug a little deeper to forge ahead, dreaming, envisioning, asking questions, and seeking wise masters to mentor me.

I believe that we are all spiritual entities who are in possession of and inhabit these physical bodies.

However, I’m not a lofty, spaced-out, untouchable, all-knowing mystic either. I have a goofy, fun, infectious personality, and I relish every moment of my existence on this planet.

In my practice, I have helped thousands of people with their pain. I was surprised when I added up the number of clients and students I have worked with over the years.

I have seen the “magic” work first hand. I have had clients follow-through and prove beyond a doubt that with some support and their own fortitude, they can actually feel better and heal their bodies (Super Suits) and avoid an extra trip to the doctor, a new medication, and even surgery.

Somehow on the journey to healing, I do a lot of relationship therapy and “vision” therapy (that is vision boards, not eyesight). The communication among all of these fabulous facets “shows up” in the soft tissues of the body.

It is my intent to arm YOU with sufficient communication skills with your BODY, so that YOU may begin to heal without an inordinate dependence upon modern medicine. There is no need to panic or run to the doctor for every little twinge, pull, zap, zowy that you may feel. That said, those aches, cracks, and other odd sensations should not be ignored either. They are there for a reason, and as responsible owners and caregivers to our bodies, we do have to know when to seek help responsibly and effectively and when to allow our bodies’ Super Power of self-healing to kick in.

It is of vital importance that you communicate with your practitioners (medical doctor, chiropractor, physical therapist, etc.) responsibly and responsively. Without this valuable communication, your team cannot provide you the support you need.

Communicating effectively is a Super Power, just as body self-healing is and tapping into one’s intuition.

I would love to hear from YOU ~

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